The Breath of Life ministry is a dynamic assembly where we praise and worship God with great exuberance. We raise the sword of intersession in fervent prayers, growing the members by the preaching and teaching of God’s word.

There are things we do because we consider them convenient, but there are other things we do because we see them as commandment.

Pastor Jedafe

What prospers is your seed, when there is no seed, there is no prosperity.

Prosperity is impossible without sowing seeds. No matter how much you have, once you’re not a seed sower, you cannot escape poverty.

Your giving does not enrich God, it enriches you. As a citizen of the kingdom of God, the prophetic giving is our civic responsibility.

Publicity is not what grows the business, it only creates awareness, but spiritual impact is what brings transformation.

Walking by faith does not assure that no pressure will come against you; you may not be able to control that, but you can control what gets in you.

Administration is putting things in their respective places in other to achieve an ultimate goal.

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